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Born relatively recently Nicole Kush (aka Nicole, Nikol) will probably be one of the five best-selling genetics in the world. And when we say "sold" we mean the number of seeds in circulation, not the number originally produced because, although they are offered in millions, it is practically impossible that they have been produced in such quantities and in such a short time without losing a large part of their genetic quality and without recurring their tendency to hermaphroditism.

A pity, because a strain that has revolutionized the world of extractions (with more than twice as much as a normal production) now looks like a high-risk variety. Its bulk purchase offers no guarantees of any kind and many "banks" offer it, which has only exacerbated the problem.

With this article, we hope to shed some light on this variety and to avoid, as far as possible, the confusion that abounds when it comes to acquiring this strain.

Although commonly referred to as'Nicole', her full name is Nicole Kush and the real one is only sold in special packages or wooden boxes and with a seal of approval on our seedbak The Plant Organic Seeds. We guarantee its distribution through feminized seeds and grown indoors using 100% organic processes. The other 'low cost' varieties offered as Nicole Kush are, at best, second generation (F2) varieties which, due to the unstable nature of their ancestors, have caused a real problem in the target markets.

The root of the problem lays in the first Nicole (the mother). Due to its high inbred origin (a cross between five generations of a family of berries very close together) it is a plant with a lot of sexual instability and a clear tendency to hermaphroditism. The first feminized seeds were also made by reversing it, resulting in a tremendously complex variety with unexpected results.

Nicole Kush is a direct descendant of "Nicole" and was born from our team at The Plant Organic Seeds as a result of crossing one of the best varieties from her former bank Marimberos with a variety of DNA Genetics.

It was 2013 when The Plant Organic Seeds started working with Nicole. After different laboratory tests, it was able to stabilize this variety (without losing its resinous capacity) and avoid the problems described above. For this purpose, he used some of his best'Kush' varieties as'male', resulting in an incredible phenotype with an enormous resin production capacity and proven stability. Her name changed to Nicole Kush.

It was first marketed through the DNA Genetics and Marimberos collective, although after the separation of the group only The Plant Organic Seeds (breeder) continues to produce and distribute it through its Original Collection.

We hope that this information will shed some more light on this cannabis legend and keep its good name in its rightful place, including in importing countries.

You know where to find her!

[Article published in Soft Secrets, Issue 1 of 2018 (01-18)]

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